1st Annual P.A.C.K. Gathering. MAR 31, 2017-APR 2, 2017

This is the First Official full P.A.C.K. gathering. Finally R.C.S. Head Instructor is introducing "P.A.C.K." to the select public. We never named our system of training, beyond our studies through various arts and hard earned life experiences of our clients and a few of my own, for good measure. This is a live system of combative application, for those who are truly into the interpersonal study of Combative training. This is not a Politically Correct Curriculum of study, nor is it an exercise is passive reasoning. P.A.C.K. is extraordinarily complex in reasoning, but simplistic in application. P.A.C.K. stands for Preempt Attack Control K***. Each phase is chosen by the degree of ambition the enemy presents us with. This seminar is scheduled for 2.5 days of action packed training. All Family and friends of R.C.S. are welcome to come out and run. with the P.A.C.K., at this year's gathering! Great time for past, present and future PACK members to train and catch up with each other! I look forward to running with you all!


Pre-registeration Now through February 5th, is $250. After February 5th the price is $350. Take advantage of the early registration NOW! All purchases for the P.A.C.K. gathering are final. Under special circumstances credit will be applied to future R.C.S. training event.

Note: R.C.S. promotes and embraces a weapons base culture. We train beyond the tools and ultimately sharpen our minds.

Weekend Overview Thursday Night- Meet and Greet Session at R.C.S. training facility 6pm Get a sneak peak at some of our products and apparel, from R.C.S., such as the R.C.S. Street Utility Razor and a segment from that curriculum. Some other items you won't want to miss out on.

Friday MAR 31, 9am - 5pm: Day 1 of Seminar. The Introduction and Foundation of P.A.C.K

Sat APR 1, 9am - 5pm: Day 2 of Seminar: Review and continue to advance in the Application of P.A.C.K. Also highlight themes of training. Scenarios for One, two, three person teams in the accompany of chaos.

Sunday APR 2, 8am - noon: Day 2.5 Half Day overview of weekend. Questions and Answers session. Suggestions or request for the next gathering! Done by noon for ease of return travel.

Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Training Course

Next course date will be:

Saturday February 11th, 9am - 3pm

Pre-registration Price: $99

Price goes up to $125 on the day of class

Location: 3131 NW 13th Street, Suite 51, Gainesville, FL 32609

Personal Defense Pen Course

Learn how to use a pen to protect yourself.

Two Hour Training:: Sat. February 4th, 2017. 10am-Noon

This seminar will be good for:

- Students who are attending college away from home

- Executives

- Medical Professionals

- Martial Artists

- Citizens with an inquiring mind to learn practical self defense with a pen

Pre-registration Price: $25

Price goes up to $40 on the day of class

Location: 3131 NW 13th Street, Suite 51, Gainesville, FL 32609

Midday 20 Minute Workout

This class is great for those who would like to increase their fitness level and burn calories during lunch. Enroll in our Mid-day 20 minute training session and be amazed at what can be accomplished!. First 6 week session will begin, Monday March 6th, 2017- Friday April 14th 2017. Schedule will be: Monday through Friday 11:40am to 12pm. 12:10pm-12:30pm.


Price for the 6 weeks is $99.00. Come as many days during the week as you like. Pre-register now, to reserve your spot.


About Us

Real Combative Solutions Is a Professional Training and Consulting Company. Established by John Steed Ashley, with the sole purpose to provide the most effective reality based training for its clients. This includes Law Enforcement and Security Personnel,  Military and  Civilian, etc. Real Combative Solutions (RCS) Provides Teaching and Consulting Services in the areas of armed and unarmed combative training. This includes Empty Hands, Knife and Impact Weapons and Firearms. Our Training stems from real combat situations, not colorful theatrics or fly by night antics.

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